Appreciating Apricity

This has been the most amazing winter. Cold. Bone-chilling cold at times. Snow to depths I have not seen in years. It has taken me quite some time to get his article completed. We’ve had so very little of that which I am writing about. And without the sun, I can’t seem to find . . . → Read More: Appreciating Apricity

The Sands of Time (Revisited)

2103 has been a challenging year. Most of my challenges have been typical of those things we all go through on occasion but have more impact when they pile up all at once. You know what I’m talking about, I’m sure. House, vehicle, and relationships can all go wacky for us once in awhile. When . . . → Read More: The Sands of Time (Revisited)

Hello Sunshine

Now that the Winter Solstice is behind us here in the north, we are moving toward the sun once again. Already I have noticed the difference. Daylight hangs around just a little longer. I have the urge to get out of bed a little earlier in the morning. And I more often see sunshine during . . . → Read More: Hello Sunshine


It’s December 21st. Here in the north, the sun rises late and sets early. Water temperatures have plummeted but not yet frozen solid. The creek flowing below me gives more indication of what the day will bring than anything I can see by looking up. I am no longer able to see the sun because . . . → Read More: Peace

Lost and Found

It is still Summer. But I can smell and hear and feel the change coming. There’s fog in the mornings as the colder evening air creates more moisture. Steam rises off the creek. The Bluejays are louder and more vocal, one of the first signs around my home that fall is on the way. Unusual . . . → Read More: Lost and Found

The Lusty Month Of May

Here’s to May and all the new growth it has to offer! Now do this quick read and get out there. There’s something coming up for you. I promise.

Boom! Crash! Boom! Crackle! Today we are in the middle of a delightful May thunderstorm. It started in the middle of the night and has continued . . . → Read More: The Lusty Month Of May

Feelin’ Groovy…A March Mix

The Light is Back! We have more daylight. But that’s not all. It’s a different light of brightness, crispness and tinges of color. There is a warmth to the light I have not seen in awhile. No longer the dull light of winter, this the new light of March triggers a change in my perspective. . . . → Read More: Feelin’ Groovy…A March Mix

The Best of All Possible Worlds


Happy New Year, Everyone!

Relax. No resolution suggestions will be shared here. I am a Resolution Free Zone. I just don’t make them. And I’ve come to accept that I cannot convert everyone to my way of thinking. Make your New Year resolutions. And have fun.

And if you still have some inspiration . . . → Read More: The Best of All Possible Worlds

Keeping the Campfire Burning

At the top of my love list of all things Fall are warm campfires, an illuminating centerpiece for all my backyard gatherings. At the end of a cold and damp day, whether cutting firewood or playing with my hunting and fishing friends, I gravitate to the fire with the enthusiasm of old dog in need . . . → Read More: Keeping the Campfire Burning

A Fish Tale

A remote Northern Ontario lake Alone in the boat Alone on the lake I cast Drat! My lure hits a beaver! Splash! Slap! My line screams out And out And out Do I cut the line? I hang on Little line left on my reel But, wait! I’m reeling in I breathe I reel in . . . → Read More: A Fish Tale