About Deb Martin

Deb MartinI find inspiration and motivation in the world of the wilds, the woods, the waters and the winds. So, like this dynamic world I crave, I tend to contradict myself. I think I’m in flow in some smooth and straight direction downstream. Then I turn the bend and things get choppy and I find myself going in a new and different direction, even backward if I’m not careful. I think I’ve made the portage beautifully and have found a new lake to explore. Then I realize I’m in some small transition pothole and the lake is yet to come, perhaps after the next portage. Evidence tells me I’ve found the hot fishing spot in the whole lake. Then the weather turns and the fish turn off.

So my writing is like that too. What is true for me today may not be my truth tomorrow. So please enjoy my words today, if they work for you, and discard what does not. I won’t mind a bit.

You can learn more about me and find links to all my writing and activities HERE.